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Our Services

AMS is a licensed moving company that specializes in senior moving and downsizing.Knowing that senior moves require extra care, each move is customized and AMS handles everything that goes along with it - offering organizational support and hands-on help to declutter, empty, and down-size homes. We have our own movers, and a hardworking team of ladies who gently pack up and label your boxes. After careful preparation and planning, on moving day AMS unpacks and sets up the new living space (pictures hung, beds made, closets organized, full home staging) and Voila'.

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  • We provide free local quotes. Together we establish moving plans and you can choose which services you require.

  • Full service moving, complete home packing, organizing, sorting, and storage delivery.

  • Unpacking and setting up new living space including hanging pictures, making beds, closets and cupboards filled, TV hookup, furniture assembly (full home staging)

  • Arranging for the profitable disposal of unwanted items through consignment, estate sale, donation, buy-out, recycling, or a combination of the above. We coordinate and deliver items to needed destinations.

  • Estate clean-outs: after the move, the home is emptied of all items, cleaned top to bottom, and prepared for real-estate listings and showings. AMS provides dumpsters, recycling bins, needed equipment, and we clean out all areas of the home and property including basements, outbuildings and grounds.